We are present in a field of activity in which professional training, knowledge and expertise are so or more important than the product.

We manufacture systems for dust aspiration and filtration, fumes aspiration, pneumatic conveying, aspiration in reception hopper, bucket elevators, pre-cleaning and conveyor belts for grain storage plants, oil and fertilizer industries, ports and several other industrial activities.

VENTILAR S.A. is a company with a high degree of professional and technological specialization devoted to consulting, project development, equipment design, systems engineering and integral execution that includes manufacturing, mounting, supervision, civil works management and projects’ start-up.

The equipment that has been installed to satisfy each demand has allowed us to acquire a large amount of customers, for whom we are a permanent source of consultation for both existing plants improvements and new projects.

We have a technologically highly-trained work force, which is strongly committed with the quality of the services we offer.

We are motivated by the responsibility of preserving the working environment, protecting hygiene and safety conditions inside the companies and developing systems to avoid environmental contamination.

The task is not simple; it needs the support of our suppliers, customers, personnel and management. Together we can turn VENTILAR S.A. into the leading company in its field.

Industrial Plant

Our industrial plant is located within the Mercosur Corridor, in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, and has easy access to all converging roads.

It occupies a surface of 2,400 square meters that includes the engineering, commercial, administration and production areas.

Where to find

Phone/Fax: +54 (0341) 458 6212 / 13 / 14
E-mail: ventilarsa@ventilarsa.com.ar
Address: Juan José paso 7180
(2000) Rosario (SF) Argentina