Asesoramiento y análisis integral de las mejores alternativas técnico/operativas para alcanzar el rendimiento óptimo de la instalación.

Industrial engineering services:

Ventilar SA

Provision of:

  • Low, medium and high pressure electro-fans.
  • Helical and axial air extractors.
  • Particle aspiration and precipitation equipments, cyclones, bag filters, wet separators, paint cabins.
  • Ducts, curves, vent caps, special pieces.
  • Metal, cellulocic and fabric filters.
  • Flow control valves.
  • Air curtains.

Execution of installations for:

  • Localized collection, transportation and filtration of industrial dust, fumes, gases and fog, for paper mills, metallurgy and textile industries, pasteurizing plants, grain storage plants, oil industries, and others.
  • Gases aspiration and scrubbing, for chemical industries, galvanic and thermal treatment industries, and labs.
  • Pressurization for electrical panel-boards, command and control rooms, manufacturing rooms and edible products fractionation rooms.
  • Air extraction, injection and heating, for industrial plants, parking garages, large buildings, and power transformer rooms.


  • Oriented to all of the abovementioned items.
  • Revamping existing systems.
  • Aspiration and ventilation in accordance with the requirements of Argentina National Law 19.587.

Industrial engineering and safety

Ventilar SA

Facilities analysis and execution of:

  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Fire protection.
  • Insulation for thermal charge control.
  • control in working environments: dust, fumes, gases, vapors, sprays and fog.
  • Consulting regarding noise, thermal charge, fire protection and contamination in accordance with the requirements of Argentina National Law 19.587, Decree 351/79 for Hygiene and Safety at Work.
  • Elaboration of a Statistical Annual Report, contaminants foliated book. Technical file.

Engineering development:

1. Project

  • Design
  • Calculation
  • Detail engineering
  • Civil works
  • Mounting engineering

2. Execution

  • Manufacturing
  • Mounting
  • Start-up